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About Oliver Denyer

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First of all, if you’re reading this I’d like to say a big thank you. There’s an endless amount of places you could be right now, and apparently there’s over 644,000,000 websites on the internet alone.

By any stretch, the fact that you’re here on the 'Marketing Bites’ about page is pretty miraculous.

I’m supposed to use this page to introduce myself to you. The only issue is …I’m rubbish at talking about myself. There are just so many things I could discus …and so little space. How can I possibly sum everything up on one page?

Whenever someone asks me to ‘tell me about yourself’ …I usually freeze up.

But after some consideration, I decided to focus on the big thing you’d probably like to know:

How I’ve generated just over $2,000,000 selling products and services online over the past three short years.

There’s quite a few reasons that things have worked out this way, but I think it mainly boils down to three qualities I possess:

  1. Being able to speak with a sense of certainty.
  2. Inspiring people to take action through breaking complex topics down into bitesize steps.
  3. Being borderline delusional.

These are the three qualities that any leader needs to acquire, and I feel that I possess them.

Incidentally, this also ties into the point I made in the first paragraph at the top of the page; these three qualities are probably how I got you to read this page, rather than one of the other 643,999,999 websites you could’ve been surfing right now.

But there’s an important caveat to mention here…

I wasn’t BORN with these skills.

No, far from it!

In fact, before I decided to become an expert (and it definitely was a decision), I was quite the opposite of a leader.

Allow me to briefly tell…

My Story (so far!)

Back in 2014, I had a bar job and I was in that melancholic ‘lull’ period you experience after university, when you realise that the world isn’t just going to hand you a job because you think you’re fantastic.

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(Bar work: NOT my dream job)

I was your typical musician. Quiet, slightly weird, not ‘materialistic’, very introverted, ‘creative’, and I only came out of my shell to a select few close friends and relatives. Everyone else saw me as a pretty reserved person who was cool, but didn’t speak much.

For me, the thought of going up on stage to speak to a crowd was the single most terrifying thought I could muster.

Definitely not leader material at this point.

At this point, I had a wonderful girlfriend (we’re still together!), and at this point we’d been together for four years. She’s from Malaysia, and she had been living in the UK on a visa she applied for as a student. Our plan was to extend her stay by applying as ‘common law spouses’ as we were considered family under EU law.

One month before we were going to file our application …the laws changed. The government put a financial requirement on the visa we wanted to apply for. 

Proof of £18,600 or more in annual income was needed to apply. At this point, we didn’t meet anywhere near that (even though it’s a pretty low amount!)

Long story short …she had to leave the country …and there was no way she could get back in.

This was devastating for us.

Imagine how it would feel if the government changed something arbitrarily (possibly a politician’s career move), and all of a sudden your partner was forced to move to the other side of the planet, and would have a very hard time getting back into your country (it could take YEARS). 

It felt so unfair.

This event in time created a very strong lesson for me…

To some extent …Money = Freedom

Or rather …Being broke was NOT an option if I wanted to have the freedom I desired, and if I wanted to get my girlfriend back.

After she left, my therapy for getting through the experience was keeping busy.

I had decided to fight back.

I had a pipe dream that I could build a business, run it from a laptop, be able to travel and work from anywhere. If this was possible, we could reunite somewhere in Europe and live there.

(As I mentioned before, I’m borderline delusional. This is not a normal plan!)

So starting with £600 on a credit card, I decided to build an Amazon business where I’d source cheap products (from pretty much anywhere) …and sell them for a profit. 

I spent £300 on a course that taught me a few basic skills to build the business, and the other £300 on inventory.

My pipe dream was pretty specific; go from being broke, to earning £10,000 profit in a single month within my first 12 months of building the business. It was an insane figure to me, but I decided that if I was going to go through all the trouble of building a business, I might as well get rewarded!

I followed a load of Amazon experts, took their advice, and put ‘tweaks’ on their methods so I could run the entire business from a laptop (this was possible by getting third party services to move stock around for me, and Amazon’s ‘FBA’ service to handle fulfilment).

12 months into my journey, I had generated over £250,000 in sales on my Amazon account, and nine months in I hit my goal of £10k profit in a single month.

Needless to say, this was an incredible experience.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 19.56.21

This business enabled me to relocate to Sweden the following year, and I reunited with my girlfriend in May 2016. We’re now still living here in Stockholm …and still running the Amazon business from abroad.

I Decided To Become An ‘Expert’

Towards the end of my first year selling on Amazon, I realised that the skills and knowledge I had acquired over the past 12 months were pretty valuable.

This occurred to me when I started to get Facebook messages like this:

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 20.01.44

I was lucky to have this realisation:

If you’re a few steps ahead of someone and you can help them get results faster than they could manage themselves …then to them, you’re an expert.

So at the end of 2015, a year into my Amazon journey, I decided to become an ‘Amazon Expert’.

This business had transformed my life, opened new doors for me, allowed me to earn money outside of a job …and it didn’t take any prior knowledge or experience to run. It was time I began helping others get started, so they could achieve their ‘pipe dreams’.

But Did The World REALLY Need Another ‘Expert’ In My Field?

At this point, there were a LOAD of Amazon courses on the market. Ecommerce was the new ‘lifestyle business’ the gurus were plugging.

It was a very saturated market.

You have companies like running multimillion dollar course launches, and tons of people getting success with Amazon, then deciding to teach it.

But there was one thing that these other companies didn’t have…


No matter what market you’re in, whether you’re selling to consumers, businesses, entrepreneurs, dog lovers, or whatever it is …one thing remains the same.

People want to buy things from people.

So some customers will never ‘click’ with some experts (and brands) out there.

No matter how successful they are, no matter how looking, or how good they are at teaching they are, if YOU don’t like someone’s ‘vibe’ …YOU will never listen to them, and you’ll never buy from them.

It’s a very human thing.

So just by being ME …I stood out and I naturally attracted a certain portion of the marketplace.

I realised this very early on, as people ask me questions about Amazon …even though there were a ton of other, more qualified experts out there.

As a side note, when you’re ‘unheard of’, you have a BIG advantage over established experts; you have more TIME to reply peoples questions.

I would chat to people on Facebook messenger, and it would be a really easy way to build trust with people. They’d see that I was a real person, and they’d trust me more than a big faceless brand who never responds to anyone.

With this in mind, I kickstarted really focusing on marketing myself, and…

I Sold A Course BEFORE It Was Built, And Validated My ‘Hunch’ That People Would Pay For My Expertise

After I decided I was an expert at Amazon, I realised that it was time to test how valuable my knowledge really was.

I put a few posts out there on Facebook, and scheduled a webinar for around a week in advance. The plan was to teach a bit of content, then put together an offer for the people who were ready to take the next step.

At this point I had no course, no sales page, no funnel, no public speaking ability, no sales experience…

But I did have two things:

- Something VALUABLE to share

- A hungry crowd


Because these two elements were present, this webinar resulted in TEN sales of my £200 course (that was ‘opening’ in two weeks …once I had built it).

£2000 on my first webinar.

This was my first money earned as an ‘expert’.

I’d validated the idea, and the gave me a HUGE confidence boost, because I now knew I had something people wanted.

It led to me selling the course to over 1,000 students over the past few years, many of them hitting six figures in sales with their Amazon businesses.

My Obsession With Marketing

“To succeed, work hard, never give up and above all cherish a magnificent obsession” - Walt Disney.

Throughout this journey of becoming an expert, and helping other people with my knowledge, I began to realise that the most fun part of it was the strategies I was using to bring new products to life and sell them.

To this day, I’ve spent over $40,000 on various training programs to help me become a better marketer. My skills range from copywriting, webinars, email marketing, sales, content marketing, social media …the list goes on.

Knowledge is important, but alone it’s pretty useless.

For me, the motivation comes from the excitement of planning out a promotional campaign turning it ‘on’ …and watching the sales come in (or not in some cases!)

This process of seeing your hard work come into fruition is the most rewarding part of my business.

For me, it’s like a grown up version of the ‘Marble Run’ toy.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 20.07.47

As a child I’d spend hours building a structure, then watch a marble rush down the tubes, through the loops and stop at the end. Just seeing it whizz through the pipes was a good enough payoff for all the work I put into building it.

It’s the same with Marketing today …only instead of marbles, it’s leads going through a funnel.

With any marketing campaign, I KNOW I’ve provided enough value to a prospect along the way, so they know like and trust me.

This is the ONLY way they’d feel comfortable enough to take out their credit card and buy some of my stuff.

(By the way …there will NEVER be a better test of whether someone approves of your idea than them giving you money for it. Remember that. People just saying they would buy something is almost always them just being nice).

Why I Started The 'Scale Podcast'

After two years of teaching people Amazon, with 1000+ courses sold, 4,500 customers, 30,000+ email subscribers, and over $2 million in total online sales (including the courses and ecommerce sales)

…I’ve realised that marketing is my LIFE.

I’m constantly thinking about it.

I live, breathe, walk talk marketing, it’s in everything I do.

‘Scale Podcast’ is just the logical next step for me because i want to talk about marketing more …and this will be my outlet for it!

What You Can Expect From The ‘Scale Podcast’

If you’re an expert, and your expertise can help people get results … the 'Scale Podcast’ is the missing piece you’re looking for.

I’ll be releasing one episode of the podcast every week.

Some episodes will be long, some short.

ALL will contain a digestible nugget of marketing advice you can IMPLEMENT and get results with.

I can't wait for you to dive in!