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Why Is It So Hard To Scale Your Coaching Business?

You’re trying new things all the time. You launch new courses, you try new marketing strategies and you create amazing content. So why is it so hard to scale your coaching business? In this episode, I reveal three reasons that are holding you back as a business owner, and break down how to tweak your approach, so you can grow your business to the level it deserves to be.

Here’s what I cover: 

  • The story of how I lost £100,000 in revenue by working too hard, and how you’ve probably done the same thing.
  • The real reason nobody talks about how to scale your coaching business, and why everyone focuses on ‘how to start a business’ instead.
  • The paradoxical reason you’re holding yourself back (when I realised this, my business doubled the following year).
  • Why focusing on marketing is holding you back. I discuss the crucial elements of your business that most people neglect. These areas are the KEY to scaling to 7 figures.
  • I recall a great lesson I had from Frank Kern about what it takes to scale.

Resources I mentioned in the episode:

My interview with Frank Kern

Apply for a free strategy session with me


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