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3 ‘Giveaway’ Promotions (For Sales, Reviews, and leads)

Giveaways can be a POWERFUL way to build up a buzz with your business. But how can you use them to get a specific, measurable result that actually moves you forward? In this episode I break down three ways I’ve successfully used giveaways across my businesses to drive sales, generate leads and get reviews.

Here’s what we cover:

  • How I 10x’d my list with a ‘viral giveaway’ with an early business I was building back in 2014. I break down why this is powerful, but how it can have its drawbacks. Learn exactly how and when to use this type of giveaway to get real results.
  • FILL your webinar (and make it your best one yet!) with a ‘webinar giveaway promotion’. I break down how I got over 300 attendees on one of my webinars, record sales and an amazing result. You’ll learn the sneaky wild animal trick I used to make the giveaway accessible so you can maximise entries.
  • Learn the RIGHT type of stuff to giveaway, so you can avoid giving away the WRONG stuff (this is crucial if you want to use giveaways to get measurable results …not just create a meaningless buzz)
  • How I got 33 podcast reviews in two days with a giveaway promotion
  • I reveal the WINNERS for the Marketing Bites podcast review giveaway promotion! 5 lucky runners up and one grand prize winner!


I’m now picking one reviewer each month to give a prize to. Review the podcast here for a chance to win!

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