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Passion Projects For Fun & Profit

In February (about two months ago), I had a HUGE impulse to produce an animated music video. You can watch it here if you’re curious. I wrote the music, and hired an amazing team of people to help me bring it to life. This was 100% avocational, and unrelated to my business. BUT it had a SUCH a positive impact on my business indirectly! So how did this happen?

Here’s what I cover: 

  • Why I decided to randomly produce an animated music video
  • The valuable lesson I learned from delegating ALL the tasks I didn’t want to do for the video …and how this has motivated me to delegate more tasks in my business
  • How much I spent to produce the video (pretty shocking amount), and how this indirectly was worth EVERY penny. Sometimes ROI is invisible!
  • The power of remaining in your ‘zone of genius’ when you’re growing your company (same goes for your entire team) and why corporations FAIL in this area.
  • The benefits of following your heart, rather than following your head when you’re making decisions in business and life (yes I went DEEP in this episode! lol)
  • The new role I’m currently hiring for that will help me skyrocket my business over this quarter.


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